виртуальная реальность vr


Virtual reality is the most modern technology in interior design and architecture. We have been offering it to our clients since 2016.

This technology provides the most fascinating effect of being in a place which has not even been built. Using VR, we can present any future interior, building, or edifice in detail. We can preview decorations and pieces of furniture that we create ourselves for our projects. This technology is beautiful and unique, yet affordable and quite simple.


Classic 3-D visualization allows you to create high quality static renders for print and 2-D presentations, to create dynamic video project presentations and to draw comprehensive project descriptions for building companies.

Compared to 3-D visualization, VR is a bit more expensive because it has more advanced options:

  • It allows you to see a room from different angles and places, just like in real life;

  • You can move in VR-created premises as if you were exploring them in reality. You can go from room to room, open cupboards and drawers, sit down on a sofa or move a chair. 

  • Any element of the building or interior can be interactive. You can select a sink or a bed you prefer, you can experiment with colors and textures of the design.

  • You can see the room in daylight or in electric light at night. You can also try operating  your future space using in-built "smart house" options, for example, open the curtains by pressing a button on a VR tablet.